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About The Law Office Of Matthew Hicks

The Law Office of Matthew Hicks is a criminal defense law firm with a focus on DUI, theft crimes, domestic violence cases and expungements. We proudly represent clients in Orange County and throughout Southern California from our office in Santa Ana, California.

We tailor our legal strategy to meet the needs and preferences of our clients, but our default mode is to aggressively represent our clients' interests. We don't back down from a fight and we'll take a case to court whenever necessary, though we're just as happy to reach a settlement and avoid the unpredictable risks of convincing a jury when it can be safer to negotiate with prosecutors for reduced charges or sentencing.

The biggest battle in any criminal case is in the pretrial phase, not at trial. The earlier we begin to push for your interests, the stronger a position you'll be in. The Law Office of Matthew Hicks has extensive experience in pretrial motions, research and standing up for our clients' rights in court.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Trained By Public Defenders

Criminal defense attorney Matthew Hicks got his start in the legal world as a volunteer law clerk at a public defender's office, where he went on to serve as a volunteer attorney. In that period, he gained invaluable experience working on a number of criminal cases including those involving kidnapping, murder and other serious crimes handled by the public defender's Felony Panel.

Mr. Hicks is a graduate of Western State University College of Law in Fullerton, California.

Get Aggressive Defense From An Experienced Lawyer

The attorneys at the Law Office of Matthew Hicks have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the legal system and help you make informed decisions as your case advances. We will stand up for your rights and work to minimize the disruption that criminal charges cause in your life.

To see how we can help in your criminal defense case, contact us online or call us at 714-598-3624 to schedule a free initial consultation in our Santa Ana, California, office.

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