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Don't Let Domestic Violence Derail Your Life

Families and romantic relationships are defined by their strong emotional bonds, but sometimes those powerful emotions can spill over and lead to violence between loved ones. If you've given in to anger and hurt a romantic partner or family member, you have two distinct problems: You may have committed an illegal act of violence, and you will likely face new emotional challenges at home as tensions continue to rise.

In fact, after an allegation of domestic violence, the accused person may suddenly have limited or no access to his or her own home.

The Law Office of Matthew Hicks will help you maintain the core routines of your life, like maintaining access to your own home and satisfying your obligations at work with minimal disruption, while we work through the legal process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Defense Strategies Crafted To Your Specific Needs

Our first priority with each new client is to analyze their case and build a legal strategy based upon the details of their specific case. In many cases, emotions between romantic partners or family members can run high without truly crossing over into domestic violence. We understand that accusations can flow quickly when the aggrieved party is angry.

When possible, we will seek to have domestic violence charges dropped altogether. "Domestic violence" carries a serious stigma in our society, so a domestic violence conviction can haunt you later in life — receiving a lesser charge is a victory in itself. And whatever charge you ultimately face, we will also seek a reduced sentence if you are convicted.

Get Aggressive Defense From An Experienced Lawyer

The attorneys at the Law Office of Matthew Hicks have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the legal system and help you make informed decisions as your case advances. We will stand up for your rights and work to minimize the disruption that criminal charges cause in your life.

To see how we can help in your criminal defense case, contact us online or call us at 714-598-3624 to schedule a free initial consultation in our Santa Ana, California, office.

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